VESOS announces the TeCall Concept

All new vehicle models introduced since 2018 have eCall. One in five vehicles on UK roads have it, and there are over 10,000 alerts every month, rising fast. eCall is here and growing. TeCall from VESOS Solutions is the first concept for processing eCall data for incident management.

Emergency services use eCall to talk with drivers - but talk takes time; seven minutes on average per call.

eCall sends a chirp of data – a digital SOS – that can reduce response times of emergency services and road authorities from minutes to seconds. eCall was designed for this. So why aren’t road traffic authorities using it?

There are challenges:

  • “There are too many eCalls going off”
  • “I don’t know if there are enough eCalls”
  • “The eCall data isn’t useful to our operators”
  • “How do you stop faulty units?”
  • “What about kids pressing it at home?”

TeCall from VESOS Solutions overcomes these challenges, sitting between the eCall service provider and your incident management systems.

The concept filters, enhances, prioritises, and then forwards just the eCall data you need, in the form you need, in seconds. You’ll get the alert before the operator can ask, “what’s your emergency?”.

You will only get the eCalls in the geographical areas you want, prioritised with your rules. The eCall data is also transformed to make it useful for operators, adding meaningful information to save them time. False alarms are weeded out. TeCall will be fully configurable, so you receive the eCall data you need.

TeCall can save lives, reduce injuries, and improve your response times. In the coming world of Connected Vehicles, eCall is at the forefront. It’s not a question of if, but when you will start to use eCall data. Get in touch at to discuss how TeCall can help.